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Handbuch SA EAI Research Methods Dependability Engineering


Books in the series Kiel Computer Science Series
Self-Adaptiv Performance Monitoring for Component-Based Software Systems Domain-Specific Modelling for Coordination Engineering A Framework for Model-Driven Scientific Workflow Engineering Conformance Checking and Simulation-based Evolutionary Optimization for Deployment and Reconfiguration of Software in the Cloud
Performance Benchmarking of Application Monitoring Frameworks Model-Driven Online Capacity Management for Component-Based Software Systems Live Trace Visualization for System and Program Comprehension in Large Software Landscapes Model-Driven Software Engineering for Computational Science Applied to a Marine Ecosystem Model
Performance Benchmarking of Application Monitoring Frameworks


Books in the series Software Engineering Research
Domain-Specific Model-Driven Testing Rekonfiguration komponentenbasierter Softwaresysteme zur Laufzeit Structural Failure Models for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing Clustering-Based Support for Software Architecture Restructuring


Project reports
Betriebliche Informationssysteme: Grid-basierte Integration und Orchestrierung WISENT: Wissensnetz Energiemeteorologie M-WISE: Modellierung wissensintensiver Prozesse im Software Engineering DynaMod: Dynamische Analyse für modellgetriebene Software-Modernisierung


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