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Available Versions

Soot is available in two versions: the official release version and the trunk version:

Current official release version: 2.5.0 (release year: 2005)

Current trunk version: ? (last modification: few days ago)

Command line call

For version 2.5.0

java -cp *soot-jar*;*classes-to-analyze*;*libraries*; soot.Main *main-class*

If the following error occurs then you do not use the version 2.5.0, but the trunk version:

soot.SootResolver$SootClassNotFoundException: couldn't find class: ...

For trunk version

java -cp *soot-jar*; soot.Main -cp *classes-to-analyze*;*libraries*; -pp soot.Main *main-class*

If the following error occurs then you compiled the *classes-to-analyze* with a different java version than you use to execute the command above.

Unknown tag in constant pool: *a number* at entry *another number* Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not load classfile: java.lang.CharSequence


Command line arguments


Example Eclipse project

gitlab URL:

Official, but incomplete setup description

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