Software Engineering Group

Seminar – Software (Performance) Engineering

Ankündigung im UnivIS

Bachelorseminar – Software Engineering

Kurs im OLAT



Auf Anfrage kann die Seminararbeit auch vorher im Sommer innerhalb der vorlesungsfreien Zeit bearbeitet werden. Die dafür vorgesehene Vorbesprechung findet am Mo, den 1. August 2016, um 10 Uhr im Raum 1210 (CAP 4) statt.

Die reguläre Vorbesprechung findet am Mi, den 26.10.2016, um 09:00 Uhr im Raum 1210 (CAP4) statt. Dann stellen zusätzlich die SeminarteilnehmerInnen aus der vorlesungsfreien Zeit ihre Arbeiten vor.




  Thema BearbeiterIn Betreuer
0 Querying Database using a universal Natural Language Interface Based on Machine Learning stu120691 czi
1 Conceptual Interpretation of SQL Execution Traces for Program Comprehension stu121545 czi
2 VR-based Database Visualization   czi
3 Virtual Reality: Low-Cost Tools and Resources for the Classroom   czi
4 Virtual Reality in Software Engineering: Affordances, Applications, and Challenges tha czi
5 Virtual Scrum: A Teaching Aid to Introduce Undergraduate Software Engineering Students to Scrum   czi
6 Maximizing Queue Efficiency in High-Throughput Scenarios vp chw
7 Performance Evaluation of TeeTime's Divide-and-Conquer Stage   chw
8 Task Queue-based Execution of P&F Architectures stu121707 chw
9 Evaluation of Workstealing Strategies in P&F Architectures stu119394 chw
10 Automatic Detection of Immutable Classes using PARROT stu120878 chw
11 Automatic Detection of Cache Classes using PARROT stu120561 chw
12 Automatic Detection of Reduction Variables using PARROT stu114663 chw
13 Comparison of Performance Testing Frameworks for Java stu120567 chw
14 Comparison of Integration Testing Frameworks for Java   chw
15 Development of a String Serialization Benchmark for Monitoring Frameworks stu107187 chw
16 Development of a Record Reconstruction Benchmark for Monitoring Frameworks stu121268 chw
17 Automatic Probe Generation for Kieker
(generate an IAL file)


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