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By extending Apache JMeter with Markov4JMeter you’re able to execute Test Plans based on configurable probabilistic behavior models: given a currently visited Web site, the next site to be requested is chosen based on configurable probability values. Moreover, Markov4JMeter allows to define how to vary the number of active user threads during test execution.

Our paper describing the the probabilistic and intensity-varying workload generation approach has been published in the proceedings of the SPEC International Performance Evaluation Workshop 2008 (SIPEW ’08):

André van Hoorn, Matthias Rohr, and Wilhelm Hasselbring. Generating Probabilistic and Intensity-varying Workload for Web-based Software Systems. In Performance Evaluation – Metrics, Models and Benchmarks: Proceedings of the SPEC International Performance Evaluation Workshop (SIPEW ’08), vol. 5119 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), pages 124-143. Heidelberg: Springer (June 2008). 


Throughout this tutorial, we will give installation instructions and show how to create an executable Test Plan for the iBATIS JPetStore sample application. The JMX file of the Test Plan and the associated files can be found in the directory examples/jpetstore/tutorial of the Markov4JMeter release. Extended example JMX file which are not covered by this tutorial are included as well.

We assume that you installed Apache JMeter version 2.2 or higher and know how to use it. Markov4JMeter requires the Java Runtime Environment versioned 1.5 or higher.


Next: Downloading and Installing Markov4JMeter



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