Software Engineering Group

Research tools

Data and Software Publications

Support publications with additional artifacts including data, experiment setup and code.

  • Zenodo link to the Software Engineering Group - Kiel University community at Zenodo. Zenodo is a platform to publish research data; supports automatic archiving of github releases. Data and releases produced at SE should be added to the community Software Engineering Group - Kiel University.
  • Github SE project page
  • SE Gitlab used for local projects
  • Local Repository for Eclipse plugins and software artifacts


Software Frameworks

  • Kieker A monitoring and profiling framework based dynamic analysis.
  • TeeTime Allows to create and execute pipe and filter architectures. It is supplemented by Eclipse plugins to design, test and evaluate such architectures.
  • MAMBA A Measurement Architecture for Model-Based Analysis based on the OMG’S SMM meta-model.


Software Tools

  • CloudMIG Xpress A tool to support the migration of software systems to the cloud.
  • ExplorViz ExplorViz is an open source research monitoring and visualization approach, which uses dynamic analysis techniques to provide a live trace visualization of large software landscapes.
  • Markov4Meter A tool to generate probabilistic workloads based on Apache JMeter.
  • Simple Feature Models DSL Simple Feature Models DSL is a small project to create feature models textually and export them as images with GraphViz for auto-layout.
  • Sprat Domain-specific languages for simulating marine eco systems.
  • Architecture and Model Complexity Metric An extendable tool to measure complexity, cohesion and coulping of modular system, e.g., Java code, architecture models, and metamodels.


Case Studies and Benchmarks

Upcoming Events

  • Aug 23, 2021 09:00 AM to Aug 27, 2021 04:00 PM Athens, Greece ESEC/FSE 2021
  • Sep 27, 2021 09:00 AM to Sep 28, 2021 04:00 PM Luxembourg VISSOFT 2021
  • Oct 04, 2021 09:00 AM to Oct 08, 2021 04:00 PM San Francisco IC2E 2021
  • Nov 15, 2021 09:00 AM to Nov 19, 2021 04:00 PM Melbourne ASE 2021
Research Projects