Software Engineering Group

Masterseminar: Software Performance Engineering

Ankündigung im UnivIS



Die Vorbesprechung findet am 14.04.2016 um 10:00 Uhr in CAP4, Raum 1210 statt.




Nr. Thema BearbeiterIn Betreuer
01 Performance Evaluation of TeeTime's Divide-and-Conquer Stage   chw
02 Development of an Improved Thread Assignment Strategy for P&F Architectures   chw
03 Maximizing Queue Efficiency in High-Throughput Scenarios   chw
04 Development of a String Serialization Benchmark for Monitoring Frameworks   chw
05 Development of a Record Reconstruction Benchmark for Monitoring Frameworks   chw
06 Comparison of Performance Testing Frameworks for Java   chw
07 Conceptual Interpretation of SQL Execution Traces for Program Comprehension   czi
08 VR-based Database Visualization   czi
09 Data Visualization Management Systems   czi
10 BeleniosRF: A Strongly Receipt-Free Electronic Voting Scheme   hs
11 Rich Queries on Encrypted Data: Beyond Exact Matches   hs
12 Batch verifiable computation of outsourced functions   hs
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