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Seminar – Software (Performance) Engineering

Ankündigung im UnivIS



Auf Anfrage kann die Seminararbeit auch vorher im Sommer innerhalb der vorlesungsfreien Zeit bearbeitet werden. Die dafür vorgesehene Vorbesprechung findet am Mo. 10.08.2015 um 10:00 Uhr in CAP4, Raum 1210 statt.

Die reguläre Vorbesprechung findet am Mi. 28.10.2015 um 13:00 Uhr in CAP4, Raum 1210 statt.




Nr. Thema BearbeiterIn Betreuer
01 Maximizing Queue Efficiency in High-Throughput Scenarios stu102954 chw
--- Development of a Domain-Specific Language for Pipe-and-Filter Stage Developers stu103120 chw
03 Development of a Domain-Specific Language for Pipe-and-Filter Configuration Builders stu99376 chw
04 From Design to Persistence: Reconstruct Graphs from User Interaction Protocols stu102477 chw
05 Runtime Information Integration into System Dependency Graphs stu97569 chw
06 Eclipse-Integration of Kieker Monitoring stu103911 chw
*07 Development of P&F Benchmarks   chw
08 Evaluation of Workstealing Strategies in P&F Architectures stu108897 chw
09a Evaluation of Dataflow Analysis Frameworks in C++ stu113804 chw
09b Evaluation of Dataflow Analysis Frameworks in C# stu102633 chw
10 Loop Detection in P&F Architectures stu102957 chw
11 Static Analysis of Exception Flows in Java stu78694 chw
12 Task Queue-based Execution of P&F Architectures   chw
13 An Extension to TeeTime's Domain-Specific Language for Pipe-and-Filter Stage Developers stu103278 chw
14 Development of a Neo4J Graph Editor stu102449 chw
--- Performance Evaluation of Different TeeTime Versions   chw
16 Understanding Database Schema Evolution stu108566 czi
17 Conceptual Interpretation of SQL Execution Traces for Program Comprehension mak czi
18 Perfopticon: Visual Query Analysis for Distributed Databases   czi
19 Visualizing Physical Query Execution on a Relational Big Data Management Systems dap czi
20 OpenViBE: An Open-Source Software Platform to Design, Test, and Use Brain–Computer Interfaces in Real and Virtual Environments stu105502 czi
21 Current Trends in Hardware and Software for Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) fjs czi
22 Hand Gesture Based Interaction in ExplorViz akr czi
23 Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) beg czi
24 On the Usage of Eye-Tracking in Software Engineering stu122862 czi


* Mehrfachvergabe möglich


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