Software Engineering Group


Our phone prefix is +49 431 880.

Current Members

Position Name Room Phone Photo
Professor and Head of Group Wilhelm Hasselbring 1217 -4664 Wilhelm (Willi) Hasselbring
Secretary Christine Krüger 1216 -3734 ck
Software Engineer Arnd Plumhoff 1211 -3732 arl
System Administrator Matthias Westphal 1206 -7273 mw
Researcher Sven Gundlach 1213 -2776 Sven Gundlach
Researcher Sören Henning 1206 -7273 Sören Henning
Researcher Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jung 1213 -2776 rju
Researcher Alexander Krause 1213 -2776 akr
Researcher Priv.-Doz. Dr. Henning Schnoor 1215 -4467 Henning Schnoor
Researcher Nelson Tavares de Sousa 1212 -7551 Nelson Tavares de Sousa
Researcher Ingo Thomsen 1212 -7551 Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee
Researcher Robin Weiß 1211 -3732 row
Researcher Christian Zirkelbach 1214 -3733 czi
PhD Student Alexander Barbie GEOMAR Alexander Barbie
PhD Student Peer Brauer Capgemini pcb
PhD Student Dilip Hiremath MarDATA Dilip Hiremath
PhD Student Holger Knoche ivv GmbH Holger Knoche
PhD Student Armin Möbius IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH & Co. KG Moebius

For a list of former members you may take a look at the completed PhD theses.

Upcoming Events

Research Projects

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